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Andrea ForexMart -> Company News by ForexMart (9/15/2016 2:33:46 AM)

Hello forum members!

Good day!

I am Andrea, an official representative of ForexMart. We would like to extend our services to you right here on this forum. Please follow this thread to get updated about our services, contests or any company-related matters. Suggestions, comments or opinions are all welcome. We will also be glad to attend to your inquiries.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Thank you!

Best regards,


Andrea ForexMart -> ForexMart Reminds you of ShowFx World Conference in Singapore (9/15/2016 10:40:28 PM)


We would like to remind you of ShowFx World Asia Annual Financial Conference this coming September 17, 2016 at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre in Singapore. Get to know the latest developments in the financial industry, meet and talk with ForexMart representatives, and get trading bonuses from ForexMart while enjoying sights at Singapore’s main attractions.

Admission to the Annual Financial Conference is free.

See you in Singapore!

Andrea ForexMart -> ForexMart Unveils Partnership with UD Las Palmas (9/15/2016 11:37:38 PM)

With much honor and fervor, ForexMart has announced its partnership with Spanish football team Union Deportiva Las Palmas.

For ForexMart the collaboration is a significant milestone, which also indicates a new chapter for UD Las Palmas.

Founded in 1949, UD Las Palmas has played 31 seasons playing in Spain's football first division (La Liga). The football club is a representative of the eighth largest city of Spain, Las Palmas on the island of Gran Canaria

UD Las Palmas Executive Director Patricio Vinayo said their club is proud to gain foreign sponsors with future prospects, strongly convinced with their partnership with ForexMart.

Reaching the “The League of the Stars,” UD Las Palmas endeavors to stand out in the league after their 13-year break.

Andrea ForexMart -> ForexMart’s No Deposit Bonus of UP TO 300 USD (9/16/2016 2:35:00 AM)

Trading has never been easy, but allow us to make trading experience a bit easier for you. Here's No Deposit Bonus, which is designed to bolster your capital. All clients may receive a no deposit bonus of up to $300!

Referring to the term itself, no need to deposit any amount of money just to avail this bonus. Just try our superb platform with ease and without experiencing any investment risk. Profit is available for withdrawal as well.

All new ForexMart clients can claim this bonus in three easy steps:
1. Open a live account.
2. Make a deposit.
3. Apply for bonus.

Should you have other questions, get in touch with us. We are more than pleased to assist you. May figures and trends find your way up!

Andrea ForexMart -> VIP Tickets to Las Palmas Home Game (9/16/2016 2:37:35 AM)

ForexMart is much thrilled to give away VIP passes to watch UD Las Palmas play against the best European football teams at Gran Canaria Stadium. All active ForexMart clients are qualified to join the raffle.


1.The raffle is open to all active ForexMart clients. For those who do not have a trading account with us, sign up here and have the account validated.
2.Each client will automatically get one (1) raffle entry.
3.We will send a confirmation email indicating your participation in the raffle.
4.All winners will be notified via email and announced in our website.
5.All winners have thirty (30) days to claim the prize after the draw. All unclaimed prizes will be forfeited.
6.ForexMart employees and their relatives up to the second degree are prohibited from joining the raffle promo.
7.The Raffle is available only for participants over 18 years old.

Andrea ForexMart -> RE: VIP Tickets to Las Palmas Home Game (9/19/2016 3:32:21 AM)

The current Money Fall contest has already started on September 19, 2016 and will end on September 23, 2016.

You can register for the next competition which will take place from September 26, 2016 to September 30, 2016 (Terminal time). .


Registration for the next competition finishes 1 hour before the contest starts.

Andrea ForexMart -> Another Win for UD Las Palmas (9/21/2016 4:27:20 AM)

Good news for football enthusiasts! Union Deportiva Las Palmas won the recent game with 2-4 score against Valencia on August 23, 2016. UD Las Palmas is a part of La liga season which began on 19th of August 2016 and will end on 21st of May 2017. We, ForexMart team, cheer for our partners and wish a successful year in the top Spanish Division ahead!

ForexMart being an official team sponsor is giving full support to UD Las Palmas. This past year was very successful for both. ForexMart was recognized as one of the top brokers awarded as the Best Broker in Europe for 2 years from 2015 to present. The year of hard work and dedication produces remarkable results in providing the best for company’s clients. Las Palmas being part of the top Spanish division marks a good start as well.

Union Deportiva Las Palmas Club is a Spanish Football team who represents the community of Canary Islands. It was formed in 1949 by merging five teams. During this time the club has spent 31 season in the first division of the Spanish Football League (La Liga) and was able to win several silver and bronze medals and to become four times the Segundo champion.

The promising partnership of ForexMart and UD Las Palmas aims to achieve goals for a collaborative growth. This marks a new page for Las Palmas HIstory, as described by the CEO of ForexMart, Savvas Patsalides. After all, “the best is meeting the best”. Las Palmas being a strong competitor in the popular football league in Europe with the goal to grow and continue its long history is looking forward for a successful partnership with ForexMart in the coming years.

Andrea ForexMart -> RE: Another Win for UD Las Palmas (9/23/2016 4:43:41 AM)

Forex live account

Start your forex trading experience with ForexMart. Enjoy competitive rates, glitch-free trading platforms, and instant trade executions.

Andrea ForexMart -> RE: Another Win for UD Las Palmas (9/26/2016 3:36:01 AM)

The current Money Fall contest has already started on September 26, 2016 and will end on September 30, 2016.

You can register for the next competition which will take place from October 3, 2016 to October 7, 2016 (Terminal time). .


Registration for the next competition finishes 1 hour before the contest starts.

Andrea ForexMart -> 30% Welcome Bonus (9/28/2016 3:21:13 AM)

Trade more. Generate more profit. ForexMart is much pleased to introduce one of our bonus schemes: the 30% welcome bonus.

Claim the bonus in three steps: open a live account, make a deposit, and apply for bonus. For instance, when you open an account and make a deposit of $100, we will deposit additional $30 in your account.

Get in touch with us or visit ForexMart for more information about our bonus offering. We wish you a rewarding trading ahead!

Andrea ForexMart -> Economic News (9/29/2016 5:19:46 AM)

Lagarde Favors Less Strict Trade Policies

The stricter protectionist trade measures slows down the current frail economy not only in United States but including other countries as said by the head of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde. She described it as an “economic malpractice”. Restricting trades would worsen the status of workers and families.

It has pros and cons for members of trades but considering present weak economy and bigoted politics, an open trading is more advantageous to all. However, if the trade policies are neglected, the opportunity for progress is lessened since global economy still needs it to drive growth.

Andrea ForexMart -> RE: Economic News (9/30/2016 3:42:49 AM)

Wells Fargo Temporarily Banned from Municipal Bond-Issuer California

The State of California will be suspending business relationships with banking firm Wells Fargo & Co. after the said firm went under fire for admitting that it had created millions of fake customer accounts in an attempt to hit the firm’s target sales. By banning the said firm, California will no longer be allowing Wells Fargo to handle its bank transactions and underwrite the state’s debt. The said suspension will be in effect for a total of 12 months and might possibly become permanent if the bank still refuses to change its banking practices. In addition, California will also be halting its investment deposits in Wells Fargo’s securities. State Treasurer John Chiang has already stated that California has replaced Wells Fargo with Loop Capital for two $527 million municipal agreements which is scheduled to be sold next week.

Andrea ForexMart -> RE: Economic News (10/3/2016 4:52:28 AM)

The current Money Fall contest has already started on October 3, 2016 and will end on October 7, 2016.

You can register for the next competition which will take place from October 10, 2016 to October 14, 2016 (Terminal time). .


Registration for the next competition finishes 1 hour before the contest starts.

Andrea ForexMart -> RE: Company News by ForexMart (10/7/2016 1:41:45 AM)

ShowFx Hails ForexMart as Best Broker in Europe and Most Perspective Broker in Asia

ForexMart, the industry’s new reliable trading partner, recently gained two recognition from ShowFx World Awards: Best Broker in Europe 2015 and Most Perspective Broker in Asia 2015.

The Cyprus-based investment firm is indeed honored and grateful for these awards. ForexMart would like to express its deepest gratitude to all its clients and partners for their continuous support in making the company one of the most trusted brokers in Europe.

ShowFx World, since its introduction in 2009, has been staging conferences, financial expositions, and seminars that are mostly held in Asia. The organization is uniting the world’s best traders, analysts, and companies to keep abreast of the latest developments and technologies in the industry.

As it marks another year, the Cypriot firm assures everyone it will continue upholding their clients’ interests, offering superb trading execution, and educating traders.

Andrea ForexMart -> Free VPS Hosting from ForexMart (10/7/2016 2:13:39 AM)

Avail VPS hosting from ForexMart today! Service is free for our clients. Experience a high speed, no reboots, unlimited usage for any purposes and a powerful server; online 24/7!

VPS Specifications

* 1 CPU (Top-edge servers from DELL-DELL R730xd with 2 x E5-2680v3)
* 1 GB RAM
* 25 GB HDD
* Windows Server 2008 included

Andrea ForexMart -> Deposit Insurance - Protect Your Deposit with ForexMart (10/7/2016 2:32:09 AM)

We want nothing but the best for all our clients – and that includes prioritizing your funds and interests.

ForexMart is a member of the Investor Compensation Fund, a fund conceived by the Section 17 of the Investment Services and Activities and Regulated Markets Law of 2007, which states every Cypriot investment firm must be part of the Fund. Its main objective is to secure claims of the covered clients in the event the company in question fails to perform its obligations, specifically:

* Return the funds owed or belong to the covered client
* Turn over the financial instruments to the customer entrusted to the member firm.

The fund will pay the compensation for the affected client, subject to the existing legal and contractual terms. However, individuals with ongoing criminal proceedings are prohibited from making claims, as per Prevention and Suspension of the Legislation of Proceeds from Criminal Activities Law of 2007.

Compensation payable to the covered client will depend on the prevailing rules and company's books. It is computed by adding all the total established claims of the client against the firm, stemming from all the services rendered by the entity. As of present, the amount paid to the covered clients is €20,000.

Andrea ForexMart -> ForexMart Regulated by CySEC and Governed by MiFID Broker (10/10/2016 11:56:25 PM)

ForexMart, with license number 266/15, is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. A European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) member, CySEC is the independent financial regulatory agency of the Republic of Cyprus.

CySEC is responsible for overseeing financial transactions in the stock exchange, as well as its listed companies, brokers, and brokerage firms in order to protect investors and develop the securities market.

ForexMart has a cross-border CySEC license, permitting investment and ancillary services. We adhere to the regulations set forth by the European Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) and the Cyprus Investment Services and Activities Regulated Markets Law of 2007.

MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) is a European Union Law, which provides a harmonized regulatory regime for investment services across the European Economic Area. The main objectives of the Directive are to enhance the transparency of financial operations, to increase competition and offer a greater degree of consumer protection to clients of financial services firms. The activities and services of ForexMart comply with MiFID requirements. All documentation and procedures are consistent with MiFID rules.

Andrea ForexMart -> ForexMart's Participation in ShowFx Conference in Moscow (10/11/2016 12:14:28 AM)

We are pleased to announce our participation at the upcoming ShowFx World Conference in Moscow on March , 12.

ForexMart is establishing the presence in Russia. Followed by launching the Russian version of our website the Company is taking part at one of the most well-known financial conferences in Russia and CIS countries.
We truly hope that this event will become the turning point for expanding our business in Russia.

Moscow lies at the very heart of the economic, financial and business life of the whole country. All the nation’s financial resources are concentrated in the capital.
It promises to be a jet-setting finance professionals traditional venue.

Showfx World international exhibition brand is famous for its large-scale events and highly regarded among the members of Forex Society .
We are happy to meet the opportunity of presenting new trading conditions and fresh ideas for earning money in Forex trading directly to partners and clients.

Exciting speakers presentations, surprise gifts and raffle prizes are expected.

The exhibition will be held at Hotel Metropol, 2 Teatralniy proezd 109012, Moscow, Russia.

Free entry for all visitors.

Andrea ForexMart -> Russian Version of ForexMart Website (10/11/2016 12:22:35 AM)

Great news to all traders in Russia!

ForexMart, continuing to open more doors to all the traders around
the globe, has made our website available in Russian language as well.

If you wish to view the site in another language, visit the ForexMart homepage, click the flag icon on the upper right portion of the website, and select Russian flag. All the contents will automatically be translated to Russia.

We, as your dependable trading partner, endeavor to make your trading experience more comfortable and convenient. Keep checking our website from time to time as we make it available in other languages, too. Meanwhile, if you want to open a ForexMart account, visit our homepage or sign up here.

We wish you a rewarding trading ahead!

Andrea ForexMart -> ForexMart is Welcoming Clients from Germany (10/14/2016 3:17:30 AM)

We are doing our best to provide an excellent access to trading for our dear clients enabling multi language website viewing options. Followed by the Russian one ForexMart has launched the German version of the Company website. To switch between the languages just click the German flag icon found in the top right corner of the page. Join ForexMart and take the advantage of using our bonus schemes!

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