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I recently moved from the US to Ontario, Canada. I used E*Trade and Vanguard when I was in the US, but they do not exist in Canada, so I am in search of an online brokerage firm so I can transfer money in the US to start trading in Canada (As a Canadian resident, I can no longer trade in the US in my after tax accounts - All I can do there now is to sell or reinvest dividends.) Anyway, I talked to RBS and they charge a fee unless I have at least $15K in the account. I will not have $15K moved over for a while (I don't want to sell a lot of what I have now since the market is down.) so I am in search for a firm that doesn't charge any fee or charge a very little fee for administration (Neither E*Trade or VG charged any fees at all for administration, but maybe that is rare in Canada.) and have low commissions and has a good user interface (I know, that may be a lot to ask...)

Please Help.
Thanks !
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