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williamhawk -> Management steps!! (6/9/2017 1:03:53 PM)

Management steps are very important for the organization in order to gain the success. There are five steps in management. They are planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling.

1. Planning : It is a decision in advance what to do, when to do and how to do a particular task. Plans are framed to achieve better results for the organization.

2. Organizing : It means implementing the plans, and should concentrate on their goals and objectives of a particular organization.

3. Staffing: It means placing a right person for the right task is important. It plays a major role for the organization.

4. Directing: After placing them they have to direct them in the correct way and also should explain about the goals and objectives of their organization clearly.

5. Controlling : In the sense monitoring every thing what is happening in their business, how they are working. If there is any deviation they have to find them & train the people and start working again in order to get success for the organization.

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